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Splitting a long blog post in Blogger into multiple pages

After publishing this article on splitting wordpress posts into multiple pages few folks asked us about doing it in Blogger that is to split long blog post into multiple pages in Blogger. Splitting posts in wordpress is very simple and there are many plugins to achieve this, but how it’s done in Blogger. In Blogger there is no build in feature to split posts or pages and there are no widgets to paginate, but by using a simple jQuery function you can paginate your blog posts. So why to split a blog post? We have already discussed all the benefits of adding pagination to blog posts in this article. Here we will show you how to split long blog post in Blogger into multiple pages. Don’t panic, the code below is simple and easy to understand. Assume that you are about to publish a long blog post and would like to split that into 4 pages. Here is how you do that in just 3 simple steps. How to split long blog post in Blogger into multiple pages Step 1: Usually you will edit your post in compo

How to redirect Blogger blog to another blog / URL / Website

How to redirect Blogger blog to another blog / URL / Website Here we will share three different codes that automatically redirect Blogger blog to another blog or URL and each code does different tasks. Let’s say you want to redirect your complete Blogger blog to another page or URL. That is redirecting your homepage, posts page, archives page and all other URL in your blog to another specified external website. You have to use this if you just moved to new domain. To do this you are going to make changes to your template file. So before you mess up with the codes it’s recommended that you  backup your template  first. Login to your Blogger dashboard Go to template and click edit HTML Now you can see template codes. Press CTRL + f and then find  <head> Now add the following code below head tag like you see in the image below. <script type='text/javascript'> var d='<data:blog.url/>'; d=d.replace(/.*\/\/[^\/]*/, ''); location.href = ' ht

11 Best Mixer Grinder In India 2021

India is known as the Land of Spices. You can't fulfill yourself without legitimate masala in your food. Hence, you need a decent quality grinding machine which will offer you extraordinary blending and crushing experience. Before Buying any Mixer Grinder you must ensure that the following features are available. 1) Speed control switch  – There are different type of Grinder which can be from slow to fast. Make Sure that the grinder must Grind faster. 2) Safety features  – Before Buying and Products, One things must ensure that the Products must have Safety features like safety locking system,vacuum footing cups, automatic overload protection etc. 3) Speed of the motor  – The Standard mixers in every Grinder should be in between 18000 – 22000 rotation per minute(RPM). Make sure that the Grinder support that features. 4) Type of machine  –  The type of mixer are available single mixer or juicer or supporter both features. You can either buy a mixer or juicer or both. This